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Through contracts with all major real-time tracker providers, we can offer highly competitive prices to medium-sized businesses for a large number of suppliers. This enables customers to be directly competitive with their sector competitors. Real-time monitoring has shown that claims can be prevented or shifted by tens of percentage points, leading to lower costs and a greater awareness among customers of how to handle products with the utmost care. Coldcha is extremely easy to use, and any business can efficiently make use of Coldcha regardless of its size. Simply entering an airway bill or container number is enough to access extensive carrier information.



For large logistics container transporters, Coldcha is particularly suitable due to the large number of SEA CARRIERS integrations on the Coldcha platform. With these integrations, parties like you will no longer have to visit different websites daily to find the most recent information. This information is presented in real-time in Coldcha for you and your customers. This carrier information is, of course, combined with vessel data, port data, weather data, and data from your own systems to provide a holistic view of a specific freight. Exchanging documents with customers for hundreds or thousands of containers is a labor-intensive task. This can be done very easily through Coldcha. All documents are accessible via Coldcha and do not need to be sent via email, which has frequently caused problems in the past. Everything accessible to everyone in one location: Coldcha.


LE & Corporate

Large enterprises and corporates have extensive requirements for Coldcha. Through deep integrations with existing systems, Coldcha can seamlessly integrate data without any problems. This is done completely automatically and can be fetched very frequently. This leads to a "real-time data refresh frequency" that ensures your customers are always looking at the most up-to-date information. Coldcha is a complete package for logistics management for your company. All your customers have access to Coldcha, where they can find all the information they need for their shipments. This leads to fewer interactions via email, phone, and WhatsApp. Everyone in the chain looks at the same information at the same time, leading to transparency in the chain and fewer contact moments and work for the back office and customer service. Coldcha has data integrations with all major tracker brands, making it suitable for any company already using real-time tracking. Existing brands can seamlessly onboard on Coldcha. Other brands can also be offered to compare or take advantage of other functionalities of other brands.