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As a customer interface, the Coldcha platform is very valuable, communicating "Bill of Ladings," providing ETA, ATA, ETD, ATD, current location, transshipment delays, loading dock, all information is available here for the customer, but also for you or your logistics party who may have to load the container. You can always refer to Coldcha.

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Importers & Exporters

For import and export, preserving quality is crucial since the goods or foodstuffs must enter the market. Any loss of quality in the logistics chain leads to revenue loss at the end of the chain. Claims are common in this kind of business. By being able to provide all insights, you can refute claims.


Transporting goods with high value or fragile goods carries risks. To keep premiums low and remain competitive with your competitors, monitoring the goods is essential. Claims can be refuted, but for example, with vaccinations, parties can be rejected based on data to minimize risks.


In America and England, it is already common for large retailers to demand real-time insights into their logistics chain from "crib to cradle" from their suppliers. Due to major scandals in the past, monitoring has been introduced to prevent major scandals with meat and other perishable goods. These scandals have been found to have an extremely negative impact on marketing. Real-time tracking is standard procedure. In Europe, it will also become increasingly required. Health is a great good...so is your name.