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Sea transport involves a lot of container transport (FCL), but Coldcha can also handle all types of sea transport. We monitor the progress of all transports from various sources. This is combined with weather data, ship data, port data, and information from your own systems, this results in an integrated overview, on which the right decisions can be made and customers can be informed.

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Air transport is subject to many parameters. Cargo can be scheduled on different flights, cargo can have long waiting hours on the docks due to delays or different prioritizations. Transparency at every moment in the logistics process is essential for air transport, especially since these are valuable or vulnerable transports; air transport is not cheap. Claims are not uncommon in air freight, and Coldcha's insights are essential for substantiating these claims. The use of Coldcha can reduce claims.


In addition to the above modalities, land transport cannot be ignored. First and last mile transport is always by road. Furthermore, land transport is widely used for relatively shorter distances or for cargoes that spoil relatively slowly or are cheap. Land transport is therefore very large on the continents. With land transports, other issues come into play, such as theft on the way, temperature control, 'bumpy roads'; everything can affect the quality of the goods. Coldcha can monitor all these variables by using real-time tracking.