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The biggest challenge faced by the Coldcha team was "how to deal with the different sources of truth" because not every source is equally reliable over time. By labeling and structuring all data from sources, our team has been able to create clarity and transparency in this enormous data swamp in a way that enables customers to optimally use the value of different sources. This labeling allows for process optimization at a higher aggregation level, optimization of links in the chain, and ultimately cost savings and higher customer satisfaction.

Machine learning & AI

After labeling, data must be interpreted. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are standardly used on the Coldcha platform for this purpose. This naturally stems from LinkThings' vision: "Let's make data valuable." Data is merely data; the Coldcha platform makes collected data extremely valuable for our customers and our customers' customers. Therefore, Coldcha serves the higher goals of "preventing waste" and reducing our "carbon footprint."