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Preventing waste

By monitoring shipments carefully and intervening in the logistics processes in a timely manner when external factors threaten to cause problems, much waste can be prevented. Studies show that 30% of the food produced worldwide is lost. In logistics chains and storage alone, 12% of the globally produced food is wasted. If you add to this that global food production is responsible for 25% of all greenhouse gases and is also responsible for a 60% reduction in biodiversity, everyone realizes that it is extremely important to further optimize this "branch of sports" and minimize waste. This can be achieved by monitoring your shipments carefully on the Coldcha platform.


Facilitating innovation

Sending roses from Africa to the Netherlands no longer by plane but via a container in a conditioned state at a very constant minimum temperature. This results in the same number of "vase life days on the table", but with a lower CO2 footprint. Then you have to keep monitoring very consistently and well to be able to continue to deliver the required quality. Only then is container transport an alternative to air transport. With the Coldcha platform, these shipments can be monitored automatically. Once set up, every new shipment is automatically monitored at the highest level.