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Transport Modalities

The three transport modalities, SEA, AIR, and LAND, are highly valued on the Coldcha platform. There are extensive modules available for all three modalities to achieve the most optimal information level for all parties involved in the supply chain. This leads to transparency, fewer contact moments, and more trust in you. Coldcha has clients who use all three transport modalities, as well as clients who specifically use the sea or air transport modules.

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Coldcha 2.0 is not an evolution of Coldcha 1.0, but a totally new platform developed from scratch with all the experience of 1.0 and all the feedback from customers. Want to know more about Coldcha 2.0?


Realtime trackers

What began decades ago as a passive logger has now been replaced by realtime tracker that can be placed on shipments to continuously monitor various parameters and trigger alerts when preset values are exceeded. This enables immediate action to minimize negative effects and prevent waste. By combining this tracker data with other sources of information, a highly accurate root cause analysis can be conducted, and mitigating measures can be implemented to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Data Sources

"Prefer transparency over unpredictability" - Coldcha believes in transparency throughout the entire logistics chain. All information is visible from all sources, resulting in a significant reduction in customer contacts and higher customer satisfaction. The foundation of this lies in the design of Coldcha. The team has chosen to unlock all possible data sources that may be relevant to our customers on the Coldcha platform. We believe this is an endless process as there are always additional sources that can add new insights to Coldcha. Therefore, as a customer, do not hesitate to challenge us to add new sources.


Environmental awareness

Coldcha does not turn a blind eye to the polluting effects on the environment of the logistics sector in which it operates. Especially in the world we currently live in, it is important that the Coldcha platform can provide its customers with insights into the environmental impact that comes with transporting freight, because without insights, it is difficult to make changes. Coldcha has joined an initiative by the Port of Rotterdam, in which they aim to provide insight into the environmental impact of all links in the logistics chain.

Wide Applicability

The Coldcha platform doesn't have a standard customer group. Due to its wide applicability, every player in the logistics chain is actually a potential customer of Coldcha. With the matrix structure, you as a customer can give all your stakeholders in your chain access to Coldcha, enabling you to share documents and information. You will also experience a decrease in customer contacts via phone, WhatsApp, email by tens of percent. If you also set all the "automatic alerts" correctly, you can proactively inform your customers via the Coldcha platform about departures and arrivals, delays, and parameters like temperature, humidity, and other parameter breaches.


Simple data integrations with your own software

The most value for you as a customer with the Coldcha platform is achieved when all your information is also available on the Coldcha platform. To achieve this, there are a few simple steps to take. Our team supports and helps you with this. We have done this before and can connect you to the Coldcha platform in a pleasant and fast way. This takes hours and days instead of weeks and months.