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Hardware independent

The Coldcha platform is not related to one hardware supplier; Coldcha is hardware independent. This means that Coldcha can work with all major realtime tracker brands. If you are already working with a supplier, it is not necessary to switch brands. Coldcha seamlessly facilitates the combination of your tracker data with other data sources without any action required on your part. Coldcha takes care of everything for you; your only concern is your business.


Supplying hardware, advice

Coldcha has good relationships with all major tracker brands. As a result, Coldcha can supply all tracker brands and deliver them to you or your customer at competitive prices. Our sales managers can also provide excellent advice on which tracker is best suited for which shipment. Coldcha is independent, so expect the "best" advice from us regardless of the brand. Each brand has its pluses and minuses, and we can provide you with an overview and give you the best advice.